After getting my degree in Business Marketing at the University of Nevada, Reno I entered the “real-world” I knew that route was NOT the environment for me. True and valuable relationships were impossible to find, I wasn’t appreciated, my anxiety was at its highest – I was miserable. I wanted to feel like I was doing something important, I wanted to have true and valuable relationships.

I wanted to embrace the magic of this world.

I want to create moments for you that make you feel alive and on top of the world. Let’s ignite our spirits.

why i do what i do

adventure. freedom. deep convos.
stability. Health. quality time. 

My values.

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I’m a sucker for relationships. I love my friends. I love my boyfriend. I love my family. I love God. And I ESPECIALLY love my dog Roody and my 3-legged cat Trey. Spending quality time with those closest to me grounds me. I’m the type of person that brings the energy into a room (says my boyfriend) so it’s important to me that I surround myself with those who embrace me and lift me up. It’s also important to me to embrace and lift up those around me.

I’m a sap, I’ve always been a sucker for cheesy romcom movies, I’m a hopeless romantic – I can’t help it. I cry in movies, heck, I cry in previews lol.

Lovers. Adventurers. Genuine Souls. Not Afraid to Get a Little Dirty. Down to Make a Fool of Themselves. Ready to Crack a Beer and Pop Some Bottles.

my dream clients are...

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I’m constantly looking for those moments that make me feel alive to capture so I never forget that magical feeling.

My soul is happiest when I’m outside exploring. 

i'm a adventurous soul with a love for connection.

I found my release by exploring, being outside, and spending time with my friends. When I would explore with my friends I would bring my camera along and be so excited to show them the photos I took of them feeling free & ignited by their adventures. That’s when I got the itch to do this as my career.

i believe...

love is about having child-like fun, acceptance, being emotionally available, supporting each other, and looking across the room at each other and getting butterflies.

how i got started with photography

my friends would describe me as:

dream shoot location

Italian Dolomites

latest binge watch

Schitt's Creek

My dream clients

Johnny Depp & Kate Moss

every wedding should play

Baby Got Back

my favorite places are:

favorite part of the wedding day

The first kiss

If i could have one superpower


The Eastern Sierras, I love where the mountains meet the sagebrush!

Adventurous. Loving. Energy.

Fun Facts:

Patagonia, Chile

Havasu Falls, Arizona
Italian Dolomites
White Sands, New Mexico
The Redwoods

Lake Powell
Kauai, Hawaii
Moab, Utah
Middle of Nowhere!

Places I'd love to shoot an elopement

What is life but one grand adventure?

studio hours

Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm


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based in Nevada City, ca. available for travel worldwide.

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